Monthly Archives: October 2013

Let’s make some “dough”!

There is one challenge I haven”t met;  To earn money on the internet!  So if you know how I can make some dough,  send your Url, and we’re both all set!! 

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Why do they “bar” me?

For 5 years in prison I’ll dwell!  My communication is to yell; subjected to abuse, For I’m denied the use of a “cell phone” in my cell!! 

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Government of “The People”

Congressmen sit in D.C. on their butt!  Their steps relegated to a strut!  In the future, I’m hopin”  they can keep the government open,  and their self-serving oral cavities SHUT!!

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It’s no joke!

The “no pain” dentist would allay my fears;     said he’d been in business for years;  “No pain would come to pass, I’m using laughing gas”! but I left his office in tears

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