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Healthy Dining

In the Bistro, I would always stop and chat;  The dish we ordered claimed there was no fat;   The menu shown to me claimed the entree was “fat free:  ’twas true, -there’s no charge for the fat!!

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A St. Jude Attitude

Danny Thomas kept his promise, gave all he could give;  Until his death, with his last breath, his outlook positive;;  So we should all just get aboard,  twenty dollars monthly we can afford,  so that a little, struggling child can … Continue reading

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Am I close?

Going to a place that he’d never been,  saw a car parked on a road near Highway 10;  The couple were performing a task, but still he thought he’d ask,  “How far is the Old Log Inn?”

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My Fans, My Neighbors!

I had a drum;  need I repeat it?  loved it so much that I could eat it!  My neighbors were swell, for they would yell, “kid, take that drum and “beat it”!!

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Solid Foundation

He fell in love at their first introduction;  To marry her, there would be no obstruction;  He knew that he would take her, Her wish was to be a homemaker;   He found out she really meant construction!!

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